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March Madness.

Every year, as winter wanes, a curious ailment spreads across the country. The thump of basketballs, the squeak of sneakers, and the roar of the crowd are sure signals that basketball fever is with us.  It's a condition called “March Madness,” and it afflicts millions of people with no known cure.

“March Madness” was born in Illinois. The annual tournament of high school boys basketball teams, sponsored by the Illinois High School Association, grew from a small invitational affair in 1908 to a statewide institution with over 900 schools competing by the late 1930's. A field of teams known as the “Sweet Sixteen” routinely drew sellout crowds to the University of Illinois' Huff Gymnasium. In a time before television, before the college game became popular with the average fan, before professional leagues had established a foothold in the nation's large cities, basketball fever had already reached epidemic proportions in the Land of Lincoln.

Today's March Madness is different from the original version. Nowadays an "Elite Eight" of teams advances to the state finals, but there are four tournaments — a Class A (small school) and Class AA (large school) version for both boys and girls, played in Peoria and Normal. "The Happening," a thrilling contest featuring the state's best three-point shooters and dunkers, is now a part of these tournaments as well.

As a business owner you can't help but jump on the March Madness band wagon.  Every year the sales get bigger, the offers get more outrageous - March Madness has become a key to boosting mid-winter sales slumps across America.

Using the keywords "March Madness" in a Google search I found 1,760,000 results.  Everything from Basketball (which March Madness originated) to school events, church events, fundraising events - and many retailers offering up their version of a March Madness Sale.

Not to be out done or left out we are having our own Bizarre March Madness Sale.

25% OFF* - the over 6,000 Promotional Products listed on our site.

This offer will end March 31, 2005

Bizarre Promotions, Inc.

Tim Somers
Bizarre Promotions, Inc.

*Excludes embroidered items, sale or special prices, shipping and sales tax.



Thousands of organizations set aside specific days, weeks and months for recognition of social, political, cultural and historical events and causes.

These occasions offer a great opportunity to promote your business, organization or product.

Listed below you will find events featured over the next few weeks.


Academy Awards Month
American Red Cross Month
Cataract Awareness Month
Frozen Food Month
Humorists Are Artists Month
Mental Retardation Month
Music in Our Schools Month
National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month
National Craft Month
National Feminie Empowerment Month
National Flour Month
National Furniture Refinishing Month
National Noodle Month
National Nutrition Month
National "On-Hold" Month
National Peanut Month
National Professional Social Work Month
National Sauce Month
National "Talk With Your Teen About Sex" Month
National Women's History Month
Philatelic Literature Month
Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Rosacea Awareness Month
Spring Month
Youth Art Month
March Weekly Observances

Iditarod Race: 5-20
Celebrate Your Name Week: 6-12
Girl Scout Week: 6-12
Save Your Vision Week: 6-12
Help Someone See Week: 6-13
National School Breakfast Week: 7-11
Newspaper in Education Week: 7-11
National Procratination Week: 7-13
Universal Women's Week: 8-14
Campfire USA Birthday Week: 14-20
International Brain Awareness Week: 14-20
Severe Weather Awareness Week: 17-23
National Agriculture Week: 20-26
National Bubble Blowers Week: 20-26
National Animal Poison Prevention Week: 20-26
National Message Safety Week: 20-26
National Spring Fever Week: 20-26
Anonymous Giving Week: 21-27
National Cleaning Week: 27 - 4//2
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week: 27 - 4/2
Egg Salad Week: 28- 4/3
National Sleep Awareness Week - 29 - 4/2

March Daily Observances

Nametag Day: 10
Dream 2005 Day: 11
Genealogy Day: 12
Good Samaritan Involvement Day: 13
National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day: 13
National Children's Craft Day: 14
Ides of March: 15
True Confessions Day: 15
Freedom of Information Day: 16
National Common Courtesy Day: 16
Absolutely Incredible Kid Day: 17
Awkward Moments Day: 18
Forgive Mom and Dad Day: 18
National Quilting Day:
Great American Meat Out Day: 20
National Agriculture Day: 20
Act Happy Day: 21
Memory Day: 21
National Dance Day: 21
As Young As You Feel Day: 22
American Diabetes Association Alert Day: 22
International Goof-off Day: 22
World Day for Water: 22
Near Miss Day: 23
World Meteorological Day: 23
Pecan Day: 25
Bunny Bop & Hop Day: 26
Legal Assistants Day: 26
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: 26
Education and Sharing Day: 27
Kite Flying Day: 27
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day: 27
Knights of Columbus Founders Day: 29
National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day: 29
Doctor's Day: 30


Cancer Control Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Fair Housing Month
Alcohol Awareness Month
Community Services Month (California)
Keep America Beautiful Month
Listening Awareness Month
Mathematics Education Month
National Anxiety Month
National Food Month
National Garden Month
National Home Improvement Month
Philatelic Societies Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Sports Eye Safety Month
Stress Awareness Month

April Daily Observances

April Fool's Day - 1
Lupus Alert Day - 1
Sorry Charlie Day - 1
International Children's Book Day - 2
Reconciliation Day - 2
Pascua Florida Day - 2
World Day of Prayer for Vocations 3 (1st Sunday)
Armenian Appreciation Day - 3
Bonza Bottler Day - 4
Thank You! School Librarian Day - 4
Victims of Violence Holy Day - 4
National Mule Day - 5
National Alcohol Screening Day - 5
National Equal Pay Day - 5
National Fun At Work Day - 5
National Tartan Day - 6
Student Government Day - 6
National Hug Your Newsman Day - 7
National No Housework Day - 7
National World Health Day - 7
National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day - 8 (2003)
National Chicken Little Awareness Day - 9
National D.A.R.E. Day - 9 (2003)
National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day - 9, 2003
National Siblings Day - 10
National Salvation Army Founders Day - 10
Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A. - 11 (2003)
National Barbershop Quartet Day - 11
Audubon Day - 12
Vote Lawyers Out of Office Day - 12
Blame Someone Else Day - 13
International Special Librarians Day - 13
Moment of Laughter Day - 14
Remembrance Day - 14
Income Tax & Accountants Day - 15
Patriot's Day - 16
School Librarian Day - 16
National Blah Blah Blah Day - 17
National Stress Awareness Day - 17
Paul Revere Day - 18
Pet Owners Independence Day - 18
National Kindergarten Day - 21
San Jacinto Day - 21
Arbor Day and Earth Day - 22
Professional Secretaries' Day - 23
School Bus Driver's Day - 23
General Federation of Women's Clubs' "Federation Day" - 24
Passover - 24
National IBM Personal Computer Day - 24
Take Our Daughters to Work Day - 25
Hug an Australian Day - 26
National Richter Scale Day - 26
National Take Our Daughters To Work Day - 26
National Taste for Knowledge Day - 26
Administrative Professionals Day - 27
Child Care Professionals Day - 27
National Hairball Awareness Day - 27
National Astronomy Day - 28
National Cracker Day - 28
National Kiss Your Mate Day - 28
National Industry Day - 29
National Zipper Day - 29
National Mother, Father Deaf Day - 29
National Puppetry Day - 29
National Hairstylist Appreciation Day - 30
Dare to Live Day - 30
National Walk Days - 30
Spank Out Day USA - 30



No Deductible, No Age Limit, No Claim Forms, No Waiting Period, Orthodontics (braces) Included, Cosmetic Dentistry Included, All Specialist Included, Change Dentists Anytime.

50,000 Retail Pharmacy Locations - including most national chain pharmacied such as Walgreens, Target etc.

12,000 Optical Providers - including most national chains such as LensCrafters, Pearl Vision, Sears and JCPenney.

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Not-For-Profit Promotion

To increase traffic by targeting a new market (children) and to develop brand awareness, goodwill and loyalty from this market.

Strategy and Execution:
The advertiser, a Ponderosa Steakhouse franchise in Puerto Rico, developed "Ponderosa Believes In You," an academic achievement program for grade schools to stimulate the development of those students never recognized because they are not at the top of their class. Students at six San Juan schools each semester would be recognized for Improvement & Effort, Academic Improvement (six categories including science and sports), Significant Improvement in Behavior and Altruism.

Reinforcement came in the form of monthly motivational visits by BMJ personnel and food brand characters from other corporate sponsors including Pepsi-Cola, M&M Mars, Pan Pepin (bread) and Products Suiza (fruit). At the end of the term students were rewarded for improvement with t-shirts, painter's caps, bumper stickers, pencil cases and certificates. School coordinators received t-shirts and students received a Ponderosa Steakhouse meal certificate.

More than 1,750 students participated the first semester, with a total of 425 earning recognition. One school director said "parents have been talking about significant changes they have noticed in the child's schoolwork and behavior." BMJ also received an award from the Better Business Bureau. The program continues in another six schools this semester.



Item Number: DRK200  
Color: Stainless
Item Size: 3 1/2" x 6"
Production Time: 1-3 weeks
Wt./100: 87  lbs.
Item Number qty. 150 qty. 250 qty. 500 units of measure
DRK200 $4.85 $4.45 $3.95 per PIECE
Same Day Service $7.80 $7.55 $7.25
1 Day Service $6.50 $6.29 $6.04
3 Day Service $5.98 $5.78 $5.55
Product Details:
Stainless Travel Mug.
Hand-wash only using dishwashing soap. Do Not Use in Microwave. Do not use bleach or cleansers containing chlorine to clean.
Imprint Information:
Max Imprint Area : 2" x 2"
Order Information:
Imprinting: Set-up charge per color/location $45(V). 2nd color/location running charge $.30(V).

No Art charge with camera-ready art. Production Time 1 to 3 weeks.

Shipping / Sales Tax additional and to be determined.

Ready to order: https://secure.heritage.com/promostuff4u/catalog.asp



Advanta Platinum BusinessCard                           
Advanta Platinum Business MasterCard
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The Top Three Excuses for Not Making Money

First Step is to Recognize the Top Excuses for What they are...
Excuses, not reasons.

As people wrote in to justify their behavior, I got to hear some of those excuses first hand. And I can characterize the top three as follows:

1. That doesn't apply to me.
2. I already know that.
3. I'm already doing that.

"That doesn't apply to me" is used by those who know they're not making enough money, but refuse to acknowledge their own responsibility to change it. They'll blame outside forces like the economy, their competition, their clients... Anyone and anything, as long as the reason for the limitation is outside their own control, so they can continue to convince themselves it doesn't apply to them and blissfully ignore the need to change their own behavior.

"I already know that" is the mantra of the know-it-all. Some use it as an excuse not to listen (as in, "I already know that, so I don't have to listen to you.") Others say "I already know that" and act as if knowing is the same as doing. For example, may people know they need to prospect more, but if they fail to make time to do it, that knowledge is worthless.
"I'm already doing that" is a catch-all excuse for those who are not already doing it well. "I'm already prospecting, presenting and following up! In your farming analogy, I'm already planting, watering, fertilizing and harvesting. It isn't working!" This is like a minor league baseball player saying, "I'm already running, hitting, throwing and catching. Why don't I qualify for the majors? Because it's not enough to "just do it" as Nike says... we have to do it well... and often... and better than every other option available to our clients. That's quite a bit different than just doing it.

David Blaise
Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales



Stock Up 480 x 60


Item Number: DL3710  
Color: Gold
Item Size: 4 7/8"x3 1/2"x1/2"
Production Time: 1-3 weeks
Wt./100: 16  lbs.
Item Number qty. 200 qty. 500 qty. 1000 qty. 5000 units of measure
DL3710 $2.00 $1.89 $1.79 $1.68 per PIECE
Same Day Service $3.00 $2.84 $2.69 $2.52
1 Day Service $2.50 $2.36 $2.24 $2.10
3 Day Service $2.30 $2.17 $2.06 $1.93
Product Details:
Make a classically appointed presentation of your logo or message with these impeccable 1 oz. Chocolate Bars, accompanied by your personal card, of course.
Imprint Information:
Max Box Imprint Area : 3" x 1 3/4"
Order Information:
Chocolate Imprint: No die charge for stock; for custom molded chocolates add $95(X) onetime mold charge. Box Imprint: For 1 color imprint on box add $65(V) Set-up charge. Clear acetate cover over chocolate. DL3710: Boxes available in Gold. Insertion charge $.07(V). Warm Weather Shipments: (Only for chocolate products.) For larger shipments refrigeration trucking is available. For smaller shipments add $10 for each insulated carton with ice packs. UPS Ground Service is acceptable for 1 to 2 day zones. UPS Blue Service is required for shipments into regions that will take 3 or more shipping days.

Shipping / Sales Tax additional and to be determined.

Ready to order: https://secure.heritage.com/promostuff4u/catalog.asp


Excludes screen, shipping and sales tax charges.



Most popular vendors among US small and medium businesses:
Microsoft, Intel, Symantec
There are an estimated 44,327 channel partners that sell to small and medium businesses in the US. Channel partners have a strong business outlook for 2005 and expect annual revenues to increase by 23% YTY. This optimism is spurred by the anticipated 9% rise in US SMB IT spending, to $163 bln in 2005. According to AMI Partners, the following vendors enjoy the highest presence amond US small and medium businesses: Microsoft (84%), Intel (66%), Symantec (62%), HP (54%), 3Com (50%) and Cisco (45%) are the top vendors whose products/services are sold by SMB channel partners.

1% of US kids under 9 own a cell phone
Only 1% of children under 9 owned cell phones in 2004, according to Yankee Group. But the report didn't include the kids who carried adult cell phones on an as-needed basis.

31% of kids 8-18 have a PC in their room
54% of children's bedrooms had a VCR or DVD player in 2004, up from 36% in 1999, and 31% of kids had a computer in their room, up from 21%. Nearly 33% of kids 8 to 18 say when they're doing schoolwork at home, they're often talking on the phone, surfing the Web, instant messaging, watching TV or listening to music at the same time. The proportion of kids' homes that have two or more computers jumped from 25% to 39%, and the proportion with Internet access in the home grew from 47% to 74%. The percentage of kids who can surf the Web from the privacy of their own bedroom doubled from 10% to 20%. The proportion that watch cable or satellite TV from their own room grew from 29% to 37%.

Mobile phone sales to reach 730 mln units in 2005
Gartner estimates global handset sales for 2005 will reach 730 mln units. In 2004, Nokia was the market leader shipping 207.2m units, a 30.7% market share. Motorola was #2 with 15.4%, followed by #3 Samsung with 12.6% market share. Siemens ranked #4, with 7.2% of the market. South American sales almost doubled to 73 mln units.




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AMS Health Sciences F-ree Trail          


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