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Hello,                                                                                     February 23, 2006


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Improve or Maintain Exceptional Customer Service

If you are a one man or woman operation or even a small firm that doesn’t have the luxury of a support staff – you can still provide customer service that is second to none.

Here are a few tips to provide extraordinary service to your valued customers when you are not in your office and immediately accessible.

1. When you’re away from the office be sure to have your phone lines forwarded to your cell phone. This is offered as a basic option for most providers these days. This will ensure you are accessible to your customers even when you’re way from the office.

2. Having your voice mail notify you of each message is another great way to respond quickly to a customers needs. Most voicemail systems have a notice feature built in that will alert you of a new message. This way you only have to call in for messages when you are alerted that one has been left for you.

3. The simplest solution is plan and simple - check your voicemail often, and return calls swiftly while you're away. With the basic use of a cell phone you have know excuses not to respond to a client promptly – keep in mind they also know the resources available and will not tolerate delays in getting back with them for long.

Tim Somers
Bizarre Promotions Inc. has been providing marketing solutions through promotional products to businesses for over 17 years.  With over 750,000 promotional products and custom embroidered wearables for every budget. 



March: Irish-American Heritage Month
March: Mental Retardation Awareness Month
March: Music In Our Schools Month
March: National American Red Cross Month
March: National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month
March: National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
March: National Craft Month
March: National Eye Donor Month
March: National Frozen Food Month
Month: National Kidney Month
March: National Professional Social Work Month
March: National Talk With Your Teen About Sex Month
March: National Umbrella Month
March: National Women’s History Month
March: Poison Prevention Awareness Month
March: Save Your Vision Month
March: Youth Art Month
March 1st: National Pig Day


March 1st: Peace Corps Founded -1961
March 2nd - 8th: National Pancake Week
March 2nd - 8th: National Procrastination Week
March 2nd - 8th: Save Your Vision Week
March 2nd: Read Across America Day
March 2nd: Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel's Birthday (1904)
March 3rd - 7th: National Cheerleading Week
March 3rd-7th: National School Breakfast Week
March 3rd - 9th : National Professional Pet Sitters Week
March 3rd - 7th: Newspaper Education Week
March 3rd: National Anthem Day
March 3rd: Alexander Graham Bell's Birthday (1847)
March 4th: Mardis Gras
March 5th: Ash Wednesday
March 6th: Michelangelo's Birthday (1475)
March 7th : National Salesperson’s Day
March 7th: Shabbat Across America
March 8th: International Women's Day
March 9th -15th: Girl Scout Week
March 10th - 16th: International Brain Awareness Week
March 10th: Telephone Invented 1880
March 11th: Johnny Appleseed Day
March 12th: Girl Scouts of the USA Founded -1912
March 13th to April 15th: Deaf History Month
March 13th: Good Samaritan Day
March 14th: Albert Einstein's Birthday (1879)
March 15th: Ides of March
March 15th: National Quilting Day
March 16th - 22nd: National Agriculture Week
March 16th - 22nd: National Poison Prevention Week
March 17th - 21st: Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
March 17th: Freedom of Information Day
March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day
March 18th: Purim
March 20th: Great American MeatOut
March 20th: National Agriculture Day
March 20th: Spring Begins
March 21st: Single Parents Day
March 21st: Start of Aries astrological sign
March 21st UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
March 22nd: International Day of the Seal
March 22nd: UN Word Day for Water
March 23rd: UN World Meteorological Day
March 24th: World TB Day
March 25th: Greek Independence Day
March 25th: Pecan Day
March 27th: Education and Sharing Day
March 29th: National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day
March 30th: Doctor's Day
March 30th: Pencil Patented 1858
March 30th: Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday (1853)
March 31st - April 6th: National Sleep Awareness Week


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To personify a promotion and motivate additional customer transactions.

Playing on the skeptical notion that free checking is as incredible as pigs that fly,
this company introduced free checking at its 60 Arizona branches.

Designed as a flying pig, a piggy bank was created to give the broadcast and print advertising a personality and to be used as a premium. Customers who signed up for free checking were offered the piggy bank in return for opening a savings account, applying for credit or other Norwest products.

The 14,085 new checking accounts and 26,000 additional products purchased exceeded over projections by 70% and 67% respectively.


55155a Contender Pen

1,000 - .25 each  ($250.00)

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Promotional Products Don't Work, Unless You Do This...
Author: Cindy Carrera

Promoting your business is hard work! You have the aching head and feet to prove it. And if you're like most business owners, you're tired tired tired of purchasing promotional products that get little to no results.

That's because you haven't done the most important thing first: plan. Yes, purchasing promotional products takes more than skimming through a mail order catalog or clicking to a promotion product site and placing an order. You need to put some time and thought in to what and how you plan to use the promotional product.

You need to ask questions like what's the basic idea of this promotion. What results do I want? What IS the promotion exactly? Who's it for, youngsters or oldsters? Where do they live? If I received this promotional product, would I use it or toss it?

Which is probably the single most important aspect of promotional items that marketers totally fail to consider. If they wouldn't use that cheap pen or soda can themselves, why would they think their customers would use them?

So never, ever underestimate your customer-even if that customer or person who will be using your promotional product is a child or teenager. In fact, you can pretty much count on the fact that unless you do some serious planning for your promotion, any promotional item or product you give away will be taken home and given to the kids.

That's why it's essential to plan your promotional product purchases around a central idea, much like you would for an advertising campaign. And that means knowing if there's a need for your promotional product. It isn't likely that people are beating down your door to get a notepad or refrigerator magnet from you.

If people don't want it or can't use it, a promotional product isn't worth very much to them. The reverse is true too. If the promotional product doesn't directly relate to your business and give people a reason to buy your product or use your services, then it isn't going to do your bottom line any good at all.  Worse, the money you spend on it is pretty much wasted.

So pull together your top people and have a brainstorming session for good promotional product ideas. Find out what your customers really want-and more importantly, what you mean to accomplish with your promotional product. This ensures you'll have dynamite promotional products that get you the results you want every time.

About the author:
Cindy Carrera has dominated the art of giving http://www.corporate-promotional-gifts.com Learn the secret to picking dazzling corporate holiday gifts and be sure to be remembered.


Item Number: ABL610  
Color: Translucent Clear
Item Size: 3 1/2" x 1 3/8"
Production Time: 1-3 weeks
Wt./100: 14  lbs.
Item Number qty. 250 qty. 500 qty. 1000 units of measure
ABL610 $2.25 $2.06 $1.94 per PIECE
Same Day Service $3.38 $3.09 $2.91
1 Day Service $2.81 $2.58 $2.42
3 Day Service $2.59 $2.37 $2.23
Product Details:
Anti-bacterial gel in 1/2 oz carabineer bottle.
Imprint Information:
Max Imprint Area: 1 1/8" x 7/8"
Order Information:
Set-up charge per color/location $45. 2nd color/location running charge $.30.
Re-order set-up charge $20.
Re-order Setup Charge $20 per color

Shipping and Sales Tax Additional.

Ready To Order



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January 2006 was the warmest January on record. Several ice fishing contests in Minnesota were cancelled because lakes weren't fully frozen over. - Washington Post, 2/7/06

Mariah Carey revealed that she eats nearly all her meals in bed while wearing a bib. - The Week Magazine, 2/17/06

One of the jurors in the Enron trial became "overwhelmed" by the heavy cologne of Daniel Petrocelli, the lawyer for Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling. - MSNBC, 2/17/06

The Spanish Winter Olympics team had every piece of its luggage lost by an airline en route to Turin, Italy, including all their skis and snowboards. - Yahoo.com, 2/9/06

Only 19% of American households do not have a cell phone. 8% of American households have four or more cell phones. - The Week Magazine, 2/17/06

Obesity has many causes; viruses may be one of the causes. Scientists say washing your hands could help you from catching obesity. - CBS.com, 2/15/06

Starbucks says China is their #1 growth market. At $6 a cup, the coffee costs more than the average Chinese worker earns in a day. - Yahoo.com, 2/14/06

A University of Chicago study shows that consumers tend to choose products that begin with the first letter of their own first name. This phenomenon is most pronounced when the item is needed urgently. - The Week Magazine, 2/17/06

Because of a glut of whale meat in Japan, the Japanese government has started serving whale meat burgers to school kids. - San Diego Union, 2/14/06

A potato chip factory in Wales laid off 250 workers and gave each of them a bag of chips worth 50 cents as a good will gesture. - The Week Magazine, 2/24/06

The US Government levied a larger fine for the "wardrobe malfunction" in the 2004 Super Bowl than it did in 2001 when 13 Alabama miners were killed in an explosion. - USA Today, 2/9/06


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